Welcome to our blog Aventures de voyage where we are sharing random adventures from our trips, some tips, some ideas and reviews.

A Beginning

It is a big adventure itself to start a blog..!

We are very excited to share our stories and creativity ! It takes time and dedication to arrive to your right destination, and today we landed on our own. We are interested and curious about the world and greedy to discover with you what wonders we can find on our journey.

Have a good day and stay tuned for our coming articles!

Latest Posts


What is Reunionese food? Reunion Island has rich culture, and this history and cultural heritage translates through its cuisine as well. ( See the article La Reunion of cultures) Mainly Indian and Chinese, and also mainly not vegan nor vegetarian at all. Kinda tough to find vegan reunionese food in the streets, the best wayContinue reading “VEGAN REUNIONESE FOOD”


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About us…

I am Marion and he is Atul, he was my motivation to take a leap for my very first trip. We are from two different countries, I live in Reunion Island, and Atul lives in India. After we met we decided to start making projects about travelling and creating our very own blog. Thus we aspire to build our way towards our aim to discover the world and share motivation and positive vibes all around the globe.

There is something unique about being in a relationship involving two different cultural backgrounds, we see it as an occasion to gain knowledge about ourselves and to learn deeply about one another, through sharing our experiences and growing together. 

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